About Us

Welcome to the land of Snoozimals, where anything is possible and everything fun can happen!! Snoozimals have a relaxed look and feel and are super soft and cuddly. Snoozimals are a unique blend of traditional plush toys with a really fun vibe. Snoozimals are made with high-quality materials and components and have amazing attention to detail as showcased in the stitching, material and features.

Snoozimals are great companions and bring everyone, small or large, comfort and joy. Snoozimals are great to cuddle, snuggle and are also very huggable! But most important, Snoozimals are very Lovable…

Your Snoozimals will always bring smile on your face and make you feel happy!

Snoozimals are always at your side and ready to play with you anytime, anywhere, anyplace, any space. Snoozimals’ are always ready to go on a magical adventure exploring the wonders of the world with the power of your imagination. Wherever your creativity takes you, Snoozimals will always be there for you:

Playtime, Quiet time, Fun time, Story time, Meal time, Bath Time, Bed time!

Collect your favourite Snoozimals today!